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Myopia in the News

Reports from coast to coast.

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CBC News

Apr 23 2023

Excessive screen time is changing our eyes faster than we can blink

myopia prevention ottawa citizen news 01

Ottawa Citizen

Mar 21, 2021

How 'COVID' myopia may be harming children's eyesight

myopia prevention CBC news 02.png


Apr 21, 2018

Kids' diagnosis: Myopia. Prescription: Get outdoors.

Young Woman Reading Tablet

National Post

Feb 13, 2019

Too much screen time linked to an epidemic of myopia among young people

myopia prevention the star news 01.png

The Star

Nov 14, 2016

Kids' eyesight getting worse at younger ages: study

myopia prevention CTV news 2022 01 14.png

CTV News

Jan 14, 2022

Did your child's eyesight worsen during pandemic? Study says a special lens might help

myopia prvention montreal ctv news

CTV News | Montreal

Feb 04, 2021

Montreal optometry school warns that excess screen time is affecting eye health

myopia prevention CORE UW.png

CORE | U Waterloo

Feb 22, 2018

Press Release: First of its kind study illustrates prevalence of Myopia in Canadian Children 

myopia prevention global news 01.png

Global News

Jun 06, 2018

Does studying too much make you nearsighted? What researchers are learning about myopia

myopia prevention CBC news 01.png

CBC News

Mar 27, 2021

Online school causing blurry vision? It could be COVID myopia. 

myopia prevention ctv news 02.png

CTV News

Jan 14, 2021

'Quarantine myopia': Study examines near-sightedness among children

myopia prevention health and family.png

Canadian Health & Family


The Myopia Epidemic in Children

myopia prevention RCI 01.png

Radio Canada International

Apr 24, 2018

Myopia in young linked to lack of time spent outdoors

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